Criminal Matters

What Can The Police Charge You With?

A person who has been stopped by the police may be ticketed for a Provincial Offense Act (POA) violation, may be  arrested for a"criminal offense"  or may be released. It is possible for the person to later be charged, when the police officer complete his/her investigation.

Sometimes, the person will be informed that charges have been filed, and will be asked to present himself/herself at the police station by a particular date and time.

At other times, a "warrant" for the person's arrest may be entered into the provincial computer system, informing police officers to arrest the person if they find him. If the charges are serious, the police may go out to arrest the person at his place of residence or last known address. 

What Happens After I Am Arrested?

After being arrested, a person is "booked" by the police. Ordinarily, the police obtain identifying information from the suspect, such as his name, address, telephone number and driver's license number. The person is checked for outstanding warrants for other offenses.
If a person is under arrest at the time he is booked, he will ordinarily be thoroughly searched. If the arrest was legal, any evidence found in this search can be used as evidence in court.

Penalties for Impaired Driving in Ontario are as follows:

  • Possibility of a Criminal Record For Life
  • Driver’s License Suspension for 1 year
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Installation, at your cost ($1500), of an Ignition Interlock system in your car for 1 year
  • Relicense Programme with the Ministry ($750)
  • Facility Insurance with Premiums starting at $10,000/year for 3 years!
  • Denial of entry into certain countries

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