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Services offered by Baystreet Legal

Baystreet Legal Service Providers are experienced, licensed, insured and bonded to comptently handle your legal complicaiton(s). Contact us today for a free quote and discussion about the charges you are facing and the potential consequences.

Service 1 (Filing Tickets)
Baystreet Legal can file your traffic ticket for you. The line-ups at some of  the GTA courts just to file a ticket for trial could be as long as 4 hours.  We can file your ticket for you and send you an email or fax confirmation same day it was file. Subject to when your ticket is submitted to the office.

Service 2 (Consultation To Trial Completion)

Reviewing of the charging documents, including tickets and summons. Requesting disclosure from the Prosecutor and reviewing same. Conducting a pre-trial with the prosecutor.
Filing motions on your behalf. Negotiating resolution with the courts. Preparing a defense to your charges. Attending at court to complete the resolution or to conduct a trial. 

With this package Baystreet Legal go into each and every case fighting for complete elimination of your offence by thoroughly reviewing the officer’s disclosure and using our expertise and experience to build a solid defence on your behalf.

Service 3 (RE-OPENINGS) 

If some mistake due to no fault of your own occurred that led you to being convicted of a trafic offence/infraction. Baystreetlegal can help re-open the case and get you a new trial date. This will help offset any potential insurance premium increases and remove the DEMERIT POINTS from your abstract until the outcome of your new trial.  Baystreetlegal will organized all the necessary documents at attend court with or without you and negotiate re-opening of your case.

Service 4 (APPEALS)  

If you attempted to resolved your ticket yourself and you were convicted at trial and you disagree with the outcome. The experience professionals at Baystreet Legal can file appeal on your behalf.  We will research the grounds for your appeal, organize and file all the necessary paper work for the  possibility of a new trial date or minimiz the consequences( huge fines and/or increased insurance premiums) you are facing. In some cases the huge fine owed by you can be set aside pending the outcome of the apeal.


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